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Sunday, February 15, 2015


Ohai Lost Girls ♥ Saya here bringing you some Limited 50 cuteness that you must get before their all gone! I was scared that I missed it all since I went hours later but lucky for me, there was still things left over BUT NOT FOR LONG! I fell in love with this Minuet outfit and decided to pair it up with Tiny Trinket's tiara which, in my opinion, worked really well together :3
 I also stopped by the Creepy Kawaii fair and got this adorable hair from Olive that works well for TD. I'm so happy with all the cute stuff out right now which means more shopping and looking cute! :3


Saya's Wardrobe:

**Cute Bytes** - BABY - Girl (ToddleeDoo)
Hair: .Olive. @ Creepy Kawaii Fair - The Tyr

Outfit: Minuet - Maggie Outfit (Limited 50)

Glasses: .tsg. - Shy Megane
Tiara: Tiny Trinkets - Sleeping Beauty Roses (Limited 50)

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